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So we have published this page of information.  Use the mini-menu below to find what you want to know quickly.

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In order to have a website there are a few things you need to have in place first:


| Domain Name | ISP | Internet Service Provider | Internet Access |
Web Space | Hosting |
| Web Server | Mail Server | Hosting (Package) |
Search Engines | Submission | Adwords |



domain name

You need to have a domain name. Your domain name is your internet address (web-design-shropshire.co.uk). This is the address people will type into their browser when they wish to access your website. It is also the second part of your email address (margaret@web-design-shropshire.co.uk).

If you do not have a domain name, give us a ring on 01743 270000 and we’ll book it for you through our sister company value-internet.com  With us you can buy a domain name for as little as £3.99 per year.



isp - internet service provider



In order to connect to the internet you will need an ISP.  Most ISP's provide the following serivces:

  • Internet Access
  • Web Hosting


internet access


An Internet Connection allows you to connect to the internet down a phone line or broadband connection.  It will make your computer dial a special number that connects to the computer in a data centre that services your email and web space. These numbers are provided in package form by companies like BT, Freeserve and of course our own value-internet.com.

Most companies will offer you a flat rate connection which allows you a specified amount of ‘Bandwidth’ usage.  This is basically the amount of data you download and upload every month.

Most people are now capable of having the ADSL Broadband service installed in their homes now. ADSL Boradband is a high speed technology that splits your phone line into a separate data line and voice line so that from your one socket, you can connect to the internet and make telephone calls at the same time. The boradband connection is also much faster with this technology which reduces the amount of time you have to wait for a web page to load.



web space or hosting


The next most important thing to have is web space, somewhere to store your website. Lots of companies offer packages, known as hosting packages. Typically, a hosting package comprises:

        • Web Space
        • Web Server
        • Email Server

We provide these services for our clients


web server

A Web Server is a computer in a data centre on which we provide hard disk space which can be accessed by the internet so that people can view your files. This is basically the location that the files that make up your website are stored on the internet.


mail server

A Mail Server is space on a computer in a data centre which acts as a PO BOX. It stores mail until you retrieve it with your computer. It also distributes mail that you send from your computer. It is used so that people can send you an email even if you are not on the internet at that exact moment.

hosting package

A Hosting Package is literally that - a package of web space, email and other facilities put together in various price formats to suit your budget. It’s rather like renting storage space in a warehouse.

Hosting packages are in-expensive but be careful you don't end up paying for features and facilities you are not going to use!

We supply hosting packages from as little as £5.99 per month so feel free to give us a call on 01743 270000.


search engines

Once your Website has been designed and you have your Domain Name a Hosting Package, your website is ready to be published.

The next thing you have to do is make sure your website appears high up on the results pages of Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo. This is obviously very important because if this is not done correctly people might not find your website.



Websites do not magically and automatically appear in Search Engine results - they have to be prepared and submitted.

Preparation requires carefully selected Keywords, Descriptions and META TAGs to be inserted into your website. This is the information that the search engines use to build their searchable databases - eg. If you have "Kitchen" in your keywords and somebody types "Kitchen" in a search engine, your site will appear in the list.

Submitting your website to the Search Engines is carried out using specialist software.

At Web Design - we have that expertise and we have that software.  Ring us for more information on 01743 270000



If you look to the right hand side of a Google search results screen you will see ‘Sponsored Links’.  These are paid-for advertisements for products and services.  Many companies use this as their main method of marketing. AdWords is a very clever system and budgets for the ads. can be as little or as big as you like. We are experts in AdWords and will advise you on how to move forward in that arena, if it suits your type of company.

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