Web Design Shropshire

we've been here for 28 years . . . and that's a long time! 

However we enthusiastically believe that the future lies in technology and the talent of youth, built on the bedrock of experience.
So you'll be pleased to hear that our experience demands:

    • Common Sense
    • Fair Prices
    • Good Ideas
    • A nice cup of tea!

We have developed a team of bright youngsters who will chat to you in English and produce what YOU want at a price YOU can afford.

We’re always happy to welcome visitors, so come on in and meet the team - we promise - NO GOBBLEDYGOOK!

Rob Jones no website?  we'll make you one!
These days, if you're in business, customers expect you to have a website, especially potential customers.  It's a simple and quick way for them to 'Check You Out', without having to wait for your brochure to arrive in the mail.

your website can grow with your business. we'll build that in
The whole point about this digital age is the immediacy of it all and frankly it's easy to keep your website up-to-date with current products, prices, services and news.


Paul Caton got a website?  we'll make it work!
No matter how small or large your company, a website can help streamline your business, improving efficiency in the simplest of ways, whilst strengthening your integrated marketing, promotions and customer service.

design . . .  it’s crucial
It's competitive out there!  You need to look good and operate efficiently - we can help you to that end.  We can no longer be JUST designers because design is now integrated with IT and it must be seamless.  We have the experience to make the difference.

K&M Engineering

Shropshire Aero Club service . . . it’s everything
It's hard enough running a business!  We understand that setting up and managing a new website might appear an insurmountable task.  We have systems in place to make the whole process smooth and painless.